Advantages Of Reporting Tools

Online reporting tools allow you to quickly and easily create various reports at a reduced cost. This web-based tool allows every event or class organizer to produce reports on participants, students, employees, customers, vendors, and so on. The report generated through this online module can also be stored in the central database for easy retrieval during an emergency. You can get free trials of these reporting tools, so try it now for free.

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Advantages of online reporting tools:

  • Cost-Effective

You don't need to pay installation, download, or any maintenance costs to use this online module. Therefore, this helps reduce overhead costs to regulate an event.

  • Prepare Various Reports

This web-based reporting tool allows you to produce various post-event/class reports about participants check-in, ticket sales and refunds, waiting lists, summaries of questionnaires and details' and so on.

  • Access Is Not Limited To The Report

When you have prepared a standard or special report, you can easily access it anytime. The online portal allows you and your team members to check the report to collect details that include your functions and fundraising.

Using this online tool, you can easily export all types of special reports and standards in all formats, namely Excel, PowerPoint, MS Word, PDF, MHTML, JPEG, PNG, and more to clients and sponsors.