Automatic Gate Openers – Keeping Your Self Storage Business Secure and Safe

You have invested close to one and a half million dollars maybe even more in your new business venture as a self-storage business owner. Keeping you, and your employees safe, plus the contents that you are left in charge of by your customers is quite a large financial liability.

Securing your entire business' property will be another prerequisite investment that you will have to weather. Once your fence and gates are up, you will have to consider which automatic gate openers you will need to purchase.


This is not an option, as clients need to have the unfettered right of entry to their possessions twenty-four hours a day.

In this situation, you will need to call the manufacturer directly and inquire about the best solution for your situation. They know from experience the extra wear and tear that your type of business imposes on their automatic gate openers, and will have a turnkey solution for you to look over.

It may cause a little sticker shock at first, but the extra heavy-duty openers and supplementary equipment required to have a system that is free of problems is going to run higher than a normal commercial application.

You will be advised to actually have a complete extra gate opener kit stored on your premises, as when you do experience a break down it could take twenty-four to forty-eight hours to get the problem corrected. By having the extra equipment you can fix it yourself or have a technician come out and have you back in business quickly.

The few extra thousand dollars spent on the stored unit will give you a million dollars worth of reassurance that you can still operate normally twenty-four hours a day. Once the piece of equipment is fixed you can store it, and leave the new unit in place.