Benefits of Having a Mains Smoke Alarm

A smoke alarm can give you vital seconds to escape the onslaught of fire. Research conducted by the UK. The Home Office revealed that people who have not installed alarms are four times more likely to die in a fire. Despite the fact that almost 80% of the total UK population has installed detection systems, these systems could not alert the authorities on time.

The reason is that battery-operated smoke alarms did not work because of dead or missing batteries. Studies also reveal that battery-backed smoke alarms were reliable in only 75% of the cases, while wired-in mains smoke alarms were reliable in 95% of the cases. Hence, it is advisable to install a mains voltage smoke alarm. You can also hire free smoke alarm audits services from various certified organizations.

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The Benefits

Almost 43% of fires break out between 6 PM. and midnight. Hence, it is essential to have a mains alarm that alerts sleeping homeowners about the smoke and fire.  Certain common benefits of a mains smoke alarm are:

* Mains smoke alarms work with the energy derived from the domestic electric supply, with batteries as a backup.

* These state-of-the-art smoke alarms are not plugged into the electrical socket but are effectively hardwired in the domestic electric circuit.

* Activation of a single detector in the mains smoke alarm triggers all alarms and produces a loud sound, informing the authorities on time. This helps provide sufficient time to respond and deploy effective measures to contain the fire.

* Mains voltage smoke alarms are essential for large buildings.

* Alarms integrated with a strobe light and vibrating pads are particularly useful for people with hearing impairment.

These are the main benefits of having main smoke alarms in your area.