Ceiling Hoist Solutions For Patient Lifting

CHS Healthcare is PLS Patient Lifting Solutions' exclusive Australian distributor. The partnership between PLS Healthcare and CHS Healthcare allows us, a company that is dedicated to designing and manufacturing lifting solutions for all ceilings and situations, to offer our clients the best mobility assistance equipment.

A thorough decision-making process is required when selecting and installing a ceiling hoist. There are many important factors to consider. Technology advances continue to make lifting solutions more affordable, safer, and easier to use. A ceiling hoist is an expensive piece of equipment. It is important to evaluate the most important criteria, given the amount of investment involved. Luna ceiling hoist have a tremendous impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

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It is important to consider the location where the ceiling hoist will most likely be used. The setting you choose will determine the type of track and what kind of ceiling hoist you need.

Conditions of User or Patient

It is important to consider both the cognitive and physical abilities of the patient. In determining which hoist is required, the user's ability to provide assistance will play an important role. The hoist may not be able to be used by someone with impaired cognition or a physical condition. The hoist can be used by multiple people depending on its setting. Multiple users are necessary in this instance.

Luna ceiling hoists are a great solution to mobility problems. It is important to research all options before making a decision on a ceiling hoist.