Contact Reflex Analysis – Helps To Determine Root Cause

Modern medicine often tries to treat the symptoms of an illness instead of its root causes. Doctors make a diagnosis and give treatments to reduce symptoms without investigating further. This approach to healing may be okay for some conditions, but in others, it does nothing but prolong the illness.

Contact reflex analysis treatment is different. It does not try to give a medical diagnosis. Instead, it tests to find parts of the body that are not working correctly. Health practitioners can then use the results to fix the underlying issues and restore their patients to full health.

A practitioner uses contact reflex analysis to find out where blockages or deficiencies might exist. The test consists of touching various pressure points and pushing down on the patient’s arm to make sure the energy is flowing through the nerves correctly.

CRA is a very individualized way of testing your body which allows us to get a very focused point of view of how your body responds to different stressors, whether it be stress on your nervous system, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, spleen, etc. You can find out what is causing the stress in your body and why the malfunction is occurring.

After testing, your health practitioner decides the best treatment plan to restore your body to full function. This could include adjustments, stretches, or nutritional changes.

Contact reflex analysis is easy to perform and is non-invasive. It provides a complete picture of the body, its current level of fitness, and its internal issues.