Dealing With Your child’s Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a common and harmless habit among many babies and young children. For them, this is a valid mechanism. But for parents, this is a habit that needs to be changed. Try to know that this is a transitory habit that will eventually stop. Here are some ideas you can deal with your child’s thumbs sucking.

Know That They May Be Sucking Their Thumbs For Comfort

Many children suck their thumbs because they become anxious, irritated, tired, or moody. Try other ways to help them in stopping thumb sucking. You can even consider a hand stopper thumb guard for your child to stop thumb sucking.

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Don’t Scold or Pressure Your Child

Try not to pay too much negative attention to your child as they suck their thumbs. Scolding can hurt their feelings and self-esteem. Anger can actually drive them to continue sucking their thumbs. Dealing with sucking your child’s thumb can be treated more effectively.

Introduce a withdrawal system, especially if the child is older

Gradually set limits on how much your child can suck their thumb. For example, tell your child that there is a certain room where they are not allowed to suck their thumb.

You can even fix a timer to restrict thumb sucking to definite times. Start with a half-hour and slowly diminish the time every two or three days. This will be a much easier tactic.

Try not to make too much of your child’s thumb sucking. Sometimes their ability to cool off themselves is a reason to let this happen. Eventually, your baby will break the habit of thumb sucking on his own.