Details of the different types of car charging plugs

Type 1: The original plug – this is the type of plug that's typically found in most homes and offices. It has a round connector on one end and a flat connector on the other, and is used with an AC outlet.

Type 2: The USB port – this type of plug has a rectangular connector on one end, which makes it compatible with most USB devices. You can use this type of plug with a USB power bank or a regular wall charger.

Type 3: The DC jack – this type of plug is unique because it has two connectors – one for electric current, and the other for ground. This allows you to use it with either an AC outlet or a DC power source, like a wall charger or car battery. If you want to learn more about car charging plug you may visit this website .

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How to choose the best car charging plug

The best way to charge your car is by using a dedicated charging plug. Here are three of the most common plugs: the cigarette lighter, the USB, and the 12-volt sockets.

Cigarette Lighter Plug:

The cigarette lighter plug is probably the most common type of charging plug. It's found in cars made since the 1980s, and it's still used in a lot of new cars. The main benefit of using a cigarette lighter plug is that it's very easy to use. 

One downside of using a cigarette lighter plug is that it's not as powerful as some other types of plugs. If you're trying to charge your car overnight, for example, using a cigarette lighter plug will likely only take care of about half of your battery's total capacity.