Do You Want To Vape Nicotine Salts?

If you've ever tried vaping, here are some reasons you might want to try it again.

  • You haven't been able to quit smoking cigarettes.
  • You desire higher nicotine levels without the unpleasant throat hit.
  • When you are out in public, you want to produce less vapor.
  • You prefer to use less vape juice.

While vaping may not be the best way to quit smoking, it is worth trying if you haven't done it before. For vaping, you can search online sources to buy nic salt juice.

Wave SALTS 30ml by Sour Master

Vaping at 12 mg or more with regular e-juices can be difficult to get used to. You may have had problems with vaping in the past due to not choosing the right nicotine level. You might consider switching to vaping salt nicotine if your nicotine cravings are not satisfied by your current nicotine strength.

Nicotine salts can give you a nicotine rush that will help curb your cravings. High nicotine levels, such as 35-50mg, make it easier to hit your throat. You don't need to use as much nicotine to experience the same sensation. You will also find that you use less nicotine salt in your e-juice because of the nicotine content.

Vaping is not a good choice for everyone. You may not want to produce huge clouds with low-wattage devices. These devices are slim and easy to carry around with you, making them ideal for a night out with friends.