Easy Steps to Help Alleviate Back Pain

Good nutrition is essential for tissue growth and repair. Aches, pains, and inflamed joints can be caused or exacerbated by poor diet, and nutritional deficits. Diets low in good fats, such as those in olive oil, oily fish, nuts & seeds prevent the body from repairing quickly and effectively.

Vitamins B, C, D & K and the minerals calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc are also essential to the body's repair process.

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Diets poor in calcium can also cause osteoporosis, where the bones become weak & brittle, losing bone density.

Obesity, caused by poor diet, also puts the back under additional stress, putting supporting muscles and joints under additional strain.

Try cutting out calorie-dense, nutritionally poor, foods such as sugars, and starchy carbs coming from refined white flour.

Enjoy a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables, protein, and good fats such as those from fish, olive oil, nuts, and seeds.


Between each vertebra in the human spine is a cartilage disc with a fluid center. These discs are the bodies' shock absorbers with every step we take. They cushion the movement of the spine.

The inner fluid in each disc is predominately water. If the body is dehydrated, insufficient fluid in the discs will cause additional strain, leaving the body at risk of pain, swelling, even ruptured or herniated discs. Some research has even found that pain can be reduced by as much as 50% through proper hydration.