Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Recommended By The Commercial Cleaning Pros

Products and environmentally friendly cleaning methods can be the perfect way to keep your commercial property clean and tidy and give Mother Earth who really needs help. But exchanging some toxic chemicals and concoctions used by commercial cleaning contractors for environmentally friendly products can also facilitate allergies and chemical sensitivity among your employees for a healthier working day. 

See this environmentally friendly and natural product recommended by professional commercial cleaning companies (pronounced as professionele commercile schoonmaakbedrijven in the Dutch language).

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Vinegar is a very efficient cleanser that is not only non-toxic but also very cost-effective. Vinegar has been used as a natural sanitation agent for years and is the basis for many domestic and commercial cleaning products so why not use the original things instead of hard chemicals in your office or commercial environment? Vinegar kills bacteria and mold and eliminates limestone deposits that are common in the commercial kitchen and an employee break-out area.

Baking Soda is another household favorite that can be used commercially for cost-effective and non-toxic alternatives. Mostly known for use in grilling, baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is widely used by cleaning professionals who are looking for environmentally friendly solutions. Baking soda can be used to neutralize unpleasant odors, degrease equipment, clean surface, and polish silver.

The less popular natural cleaning agent is orange oil, which not only cleanses in but also releases strong fresh smells with deodorizing properties. Orange oil is highly recommended by commercial cleaning contractors because of its deep cleaning quality. This oil also acts as natural pesticides, degreasers, and stain removers, and works well on heavy-duty carpets and clothes.

Lastly, it's not just cleaning products that can be environmentally friendly in your commercial space, what you clean is equally important.