Essential Tips To Building Your LinkedIn Profile

Turn off the broadcast of activity: If you are still employed, make sure to turn off the broadcast of activity before you start making updates to your profile. Do you know how you accept updates on everyone's activities on your network such as changing headers, experience, and specialties? 

This activity is a direct Tip-off to the employer or colleague you are looking for. You can hire professional LinkedIn profile writers to impress potential Employers & Clients, connect with Recruiters, and expand your professional LinkedIn network.

To turn off broadcasts, enter your account and access account settings. This can be found where mouse-ing where your name appears on the top right of the page, on the search bar. In the settings, under your profile menu, select the option "turn/turn off the broadcast activity" and make sure the broadcast is dead.

Learning LinkedIn

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Customize your URL: LinkedIn will automatically generate the URL for your profile, but you have the option to adjust your URL. Adjusting flat looks better, plus it's easier for people to remember and retype, both of which are benefits in your research. To adjust the URL, select First Edit Profile under the Profile menu. 

At the bottom of the Snapshot area is the current public profile URL – click on the small edit button next to the URL. On the open screen, you are looking for a public profile URL widget to the bottom right of your screen. Select the option to adjust your URL and select something unique to you, like your full name or your full name with the middle initial.

Change your title: Your title will automatically default to your current title. If you are looking for a job, your title must refer to the work you want, not the job you have! For example, strategic marketing executives rather than marketing managers in ABC Company.