Everything About The Chinese Gender Calendar

According to legend, the Chinese gender calendar was found in an ancient tomb some 700 to 900 years ago. Since then it has been used as a tool to predict the gender of a child before birth.

Despite the uncertainty and the presence of ultrasound technology, the couple still seems to enjoy using the Chinese gender calendar before welcoming their little bundle of joy. You can also check for the best chinese calender online via the web.

Chinese Gender Calendar

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Chinese calendar versus Gregorian calendar

Unlike the Gregorian calendar we use today, the Chinese calendar followed the lunar cycle, not the solar cycle. For those interested in knowing their lunar birthday, see the Gregorian lunar calendar conversion chart provided by the Hong Kong Observatory.

However, using the conversion table becomes confusing for those who are not familiar with Chinese knowledge. The next best solution is to use the calendar conversion tool provided by many websites.

What does the Chinese gender calendar look like?

We all know that the Chinese celebrate the New Year in mid-January. So every woman born before this date is one year younger than you according to the Gregorian calendar.

Columns list the twelve lunar months while rows range from 18 to 45 and order the age of the woman giving birth. The box is pink or blue to indicate the gender of the baby.

How to use the Chinese gender calendar

If the woman knows her lunar age, she can manually check the calendar by finding the month she held the baby and checking it according to her age.

Using the Chinese gender calendar manually to predict or select a child's gender can be tedious for some who are not familiar with it.