Facebook Advertising for Small Business Owners

In today's post we are going to discuss Facebook PPC advertising and give some tips and tricks of the trade for small business owners. Facebook pay per click allows you to target a selected area so if you are a small business owner with a shop, you can cast a net to only the areas you serviced. This will help narrow down your targeting and ensure quality leads. 

Facebook advertising works on a bidding system. The cost you pay per click you receive depends on your bid, the niche, and the quality of your ad and the website you are advertising. Having quality content is a must, remember when you are writing your content to write to users, and not to the computer.

Write your Facebook Ad

Facebook offers two options. If you have a Facebook business page, you can either advertise that page directly or advertise a website directly. It all depends on your goals, but we'll focus our attention on advertising a Facebook Page because they're easier. 

You should make sure your headline is punchy! Your headline is the most important element of your ad. The picture is second. Ad copy is essential when writing ads. You are competing against other local business owners who want customers. You must be aggressive.