Get Your Car Washed in An Eco-friendly Garage

Car owners can make a difference in the protection of the environment by washing their cars at home instead of at a commercial auto wash. Car washing doesn't require much water if you use the right product and expert cleaning service

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Commercial car washes can use up to 50 gallons of water per hour. Even though this is less than half the water used for car washing with a hose, it still uses a lot of water when compared to eco-friendly car washes.

Water is treated before it is released to the environment by commercial automatic car washes. Even though the water is treated, it still contains trace amounts of toxic chemicals. It does not necessarily mean that waste water is not polluting, just because it passed certain standards of testing. This is similar to car emission figures. 

As time goes by, they become more stringent. It would be reasonable to apply the same rules for water wastes from commercial vehicle washes. Car wash products for home use are now so efficient that virtually no water waste is left. 

Minimal waste equals minimal environmental impact. These products, which produce only a few gallons waste water, can be recycled and used to water plants. Commercial washers can cause damage to your car's finish. 

While many car washes are taking steps to improve their systems, they can still be quite harsh on a car's exterior. This has led to more car washes being "touchless". The car owner will be more aware of their car's surface if they do it at home using the right product. 

Automobile owners should know where dirt can accumulate on their vehicles. This makes hand washing your car much easier as you can only focus on the areas that are dirty.