Home care and joint replacements

As a result of the surgery, it is likely that you will be off of your feet for a while, and recovery may be slow, some extra help may be needed. It may be beneficial to implement a home care package in order to provide some additional support.

A care worker would be able to visit to help with daily living tasks such as washing, dressing, and preparation of meals. Care workers can also provide some support with some exercises in order to help build up strength in the new joint. For joint replacement treatment, you can visit https://curryorthopedics.com/.

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The Care Worker can focus on getting you back to doing what would have normally been doing before the surgery. In the UK history is showing that replacements are lasting 8 years without problems in many cases, therefore, people are prolonging their active lives.

Having to redo work on joints is occurring in around 10% of cases and as more data is collected and shared with surgeons around the world the life of replacements is increasing and the level of issues is reducing.

Mike runs a Care Agency called Everycare. Everycare serves people in Winchester, Twyford, Colden Common, Alresford, and surrounding areas with a first-class Home Care service. Everycare will supply care workers to look after your social needs and to help you to live a more fulfilled life.

Generally, individuals manage to regain a normal level of activity within two to three months of having the replacement, but it can take up to a year to make a full recovery and full benefits of the new joint.