How Do You Define a Duplex House?

Duplexes are double occupancy homes. That is, it's a combination of two homes in which each house shares an exterior wall, making the houses appear like two homes, however, they are two. Like the magic of it, however not magical it's just the wall.  You can also search online to hire duplex home builders in Sydney.

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In addition to the standard magical wall, the bathrooms are separate and there's no need to be concerned about strangers showing up in your bathroom.


The thought of purchasing an apartment duplex and getting more cash for your investment is more than a more appealing.

If you have two houses on the same lot (you can divide the title and own two and this could be a major factor when you decide to sell), Duplexes are more profitable than an apartment, as you'll increase the value of the land upon which the house is constructed. 

Furthermore, you don't have to be concerned about the hassles of having many neighbors, as you do with an apartment.

Other benefits of owning duplexes are the fact that two people will be making the payments for land. And when you own one of the units as an owner/occupier and lease out the second one, you'll be able to pay off your mortgage at double the rate (maths).

So the land's value remains However, two people pay to purchase it instead of just one.

There's some merit about the appeal to the public of duplexes instead of having one house on the front and another behind, as with the other houses with dual occupancy.