How to Choose Your Perfect Men’s Shirt


Typically, shirts are measured by their collar. To determine the right collar size, take a measurement around the neck using the aid of a tape measure. Take note not to draw the tape too tightly. 

To be comfortable, and also to allow for shrinkage of the collar in the washing process The collar size you select should be a one-half inch bigger than the measurement of the neck. You can also buy men's shirts via

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Pure natural fabrics are likely to yield the best results, and cotton is generally regarded as the most classic shirt fabric. It is soft, cool, and airy during hot weather. 

The cotton shirt fabric is available in a wide range of characteristics – choose the best twofold with an average yarn count of at least 100 to get soft, comfortable fabric that has a gorgeous sheen. 

Singles cotton can be found for less, however, it is more susceptible to pilling. Linen shirts can be an excellent choice for summer clothing since they stay cool even on scorching summer days.


White is still the most popular shirt color for formal occasions. It was originally worn to show that the wearer had the money to wash his clothes prior to every wear, this custom continues to be followed into the present and is the preferred color for all formal shirts. The cream is also worn at these times.

For casual shirts, The options are wide and open. Stripes are flattering for the wearer and checks look fantastic in informal summer attire.