How to Evaluate the Best Type of Home Health Care Agency to Meet Your Needs

The terms "home healthcare" as well as "home healthcare agency" are different terms to various people. As hospitals discharge patients sooner and more sick families aren't prepared and feel overwhelmed. Many families don't want their loved ones to be admitted to an elderly or skilled unit. A lot of families are not given the choice of the best home caregivers. Many people think that when they have a family member discharged from hospital to their home, there will be a person there for 24 hours a day 7 every day, as long as they need care.

The agency for home health care explained

There are two kinds of home health agencies. The first one focuses on the medical and health needs of the elderly. The care is offered by health care providers at home that include aid to home health care as well as the RN ( registered nurse) and physical therapy. Federal and state laws govern these organizations. They are usually Medicare and Medicaid accredited.


The services offered may be brief, like an RN visiting to perform dressing changes or check vital indicators. A health care assistant at home might visit every few days to help with bathing and dressing. You must be in a home and be able to leave your home for a visit to the doctor or visit a church in order to qualify to receive these benefits.

Another type of home health care provider provides assistance with household chores and personal care that is not medical. It could involve cooking meals as well as bathing, dressing and moving around the home. Based on the state the agency might or may not have a license. This kind of home health care permits a person with special needs to remain at home.