Is It Necessary To Wear A “Surgical Mask” To Prevent The Spread Of Swine Flu?

We can see an exponential increase in Surgical Mask sales due to the recent spread of Swine Flu. Even in open areas, we can see people wearing surgical masks with no one else around. According to my understanding, H1N1 is not airborne. An AIRBORNE VIRTUS is defined as a microorganism that has survived or remained in the air for a prolonged period of time. 

The question of whether or not we should wear the Surgical Mask is now open. You need to reconsider. We see many people wearing masks at airports, shopping centres, schools, and other public places. These places are filled with gems. In this situation, you should wear a clear face covering before going out.

I believe that the best way to avoid H1N1 is to avoid contact with people who might be infected. Why? We need to prevent these viruses from getting into our bodies through our eyes, nose, mouth and mouth. Keep in mind that our nose, mouth, and eyes are all common areas where we touch every day.

The best suggestions are always

1. As often as you can, wash your hands.

2. In public places, avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes. (Or at least before you wash your hands )

3. To prevent spreading the disease to others, wear a mask if you are infected.