Is Keto Diet Good For You?

If you have a desire to shed some extra pounds, then you could have come across a ketogenic diet, which is also known as the Keto diet. It is a popular weight-loss plan that promises significant weight loss in a short time.

But far from what most people believe it to be, the diet is not a magical tool for weight loss. Just like any other diet, it takes time, requires a lot of adjustment and tracking to see results. If you are confused about that how much should you eat on keto then consult with keto diet experts.

The keto diet is aimed at putting your body in Ketosis. This diet plan is usually low carb with a high intake of healthy fats, vegetables, and sufficient proteins. In this diet, there is also an emphasis on avoiding highly processed foods and sugars.

There are several types of Keto diets: standard ketogenic, cyclical, targeted, and high-protein diets. The difference in them depends on the carb intake. The standard ketogenic diet is low carb, high fat and adequate protein is the most recommended.

Most critics of the Keto diet say that it is not safe because of the emphasis on consuming high-fat content. But healthy fats are actually very good for you.