Islamic Learning Through Modern Technology

There is an obligation on every Muslim to not only learn the teachings but also to spread the message of Islam. One of the major responsibilities of every Muslim is to learn and understand the Holy Quran. It is clearly stated in a hadith that

"The best among you are the ones who learn Quran and teach it." -Sahih al-Bukhari. You can have master quran class online whenever you are thinking of studying.

If one contemplates this saying of the prophet, it emphasizes that one must first learn Quran or before teaching it to others.

It is mostly the desire of every Muslim to be able to learn Quran on a deeper level but there are several things that most people have to take into account of which the most important is the availability of a well-qualified tutor or an institute.

Most of the time these things are very easy to come by when a person is living in an Islamic society or country but are rather scarce to those who live in areas where such opportunities are very limited or in some cases not present.

As the world has ushered into a new digital area, it is only fitting for the Muslims to come up with new and technically efficient ways to spread the message of Islam to the masses and help those who by some reason live in a society or area where they have little to no interaction with the holy Quran.

With the dawn of online schooling, it is now very easy to teach Islamic studies and spread the teachings and Quran to every corner of the world even the obscure ones.