Know The Process Of Bridge Construction

The Bridge Foundation

The first thing that has to be plotted out and positioned into place is the load-bearing pillars that will form the foundation. These can take a number of forms and sizes but are usually comprised of a heavy, concrete base with a cage of steel bars running throughout it for additional reinforcement.

Into this, the steel pillars that will form the support towers for the entire bridge are mounted. Bridge inspection assistance is provided to ensure safety and to avoid any future damage.

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Suspension and Framework

The framing of the bridge and the suspension cable system that will help to support its weight are typically built together, section by section. Over the course of construction, every time a 50 to the 100-foot extension of steel girders has been bolted into place, the suspension cable for that section that will permanently connect it to the closest support pillar is installed. This process is repeated as many times as is necessary to span the distance, and sections are put into position evenly on each side of the support pillars, which allows for equalized weight distribution throughout the entire process. 

Paving and Utilities

At this stage, the new suspension bridge is ready to be turned into a seamlessly integrated segment of the state's roadway infrastructure, and that means adding pavement. The framework that has been previously laid provides a solid surface that the asphalt can be poured onto, and crowned in much the same way that a road on solid ground would be.

Final Preparations

Ladders and elevated walkways that will allow the state's department of transportation personnel, and other engineers to access any part of the structure in order to perform periodic inspections are installed. The bridge is essentially ready to be open to public use once all of this is completed.