Reasons You Need a Family Attorney

Almost everyone will need the advice of an attorney at some point in their life, but knowing what legal issues a family attorney must resolve is important. Here are the most common problems.

If a couple decides to divorce, a family law attorney helps their client navigate the legal system to ensure that the marriage is dissolved fairly. An attorney helps with the division of joint property and debt, custody issues and financial support for all children involved, spousal support, etc. A paternity lawyer can also sue for non-traditional marriage terminations such as civil and family partnerships.

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When it comes to adoption, laws can vary widely from state to state; Therefore, it is very important to hire an attorney who can ensure that legal procedures are followed. Failure to strictly comply with the law may result in significant delays in the adoption process, rejection of adoption, or withdrawal of subsequent adoptions. A family attorney has the necessary knowledge to go through the legal channels of both private and adoption agencies.

As mentioned earlier, child support issues can arise during a divorce. A child protection attorney ensures that children have access to adequate care, enjoy a better quality of life, and potentially avoid poverty. If a child support order is issued and the person responsible for child support is overdue, a family attorney fights in court for the money owed to the child. The same applies to the increase in the income of the person in charge. 

An attorney may return to court to see if child support has been adjusted. On the other hand, in cases where the responsible person is unable to pay child support or refuses to father the child, lawyers are invaluable in finding a solution.