Review Of GMC MultiPro Tailgate

The MultiPro tailgate contains man usage configurations. The MultiPro tailgate involves three parts: the primary tailgate, the secondary tailgate that is connected to the main door, and the stop/load ladder. 

We'll look at the different configurations and provide you an overview of these features. You can also look for the best tailgate fix services through various online sources.

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Primary tailgate

We all know how to open the standard tailagte. Instead of the usual bolt grips, the MultiPro bolts are weather-resistant rubber-coated buttons. You can also remotely open the main tailagte with a keychain. The primary tailgate is available in two sizes: 70 "or 80".

The load stop

After the primary tailagte is lowered, the combined load stop can be directed upwards. This restricts items that surpass the normal bed end from being left behind by your truck. The stopping load is valued at 375 pounds.

Our only beef that stops weights is not locking the top position. While it takes a lot of pressure on the brakes to prevent the load from collapsing, it's easy to knock them down with a simple impact on the way, if there's nothing to put pressure on them.

Secondary tailagte

The secondary tailgate is built into half of the primary tailgate which opens and collapses from the rear of the truck in the same direction as the main door. The secondary tailagte opens when the primary tailgate is raised or lowered.

When opened independently, the load stop plate can be operated by the secondary tailgate. The basic difference is that anything projecting above the bed is restricted by the extent of the secondary tailgate.