Rope Jumping Can Transform Your Life

If you want to lose weight fast, a jump rope is one of the best known workouts. Rope jumping is also great fun, besides making your body feel stronger, younger, more supple and more capable. If you haven’t learnt it yet, it could just be the exciting workout challenge you have been desperate to find. You can use jump rope training applications to learn the jumping exercises. Once you learn jumping rope, you are sure to get addicted to the rhythm and to learning new tricks.

Apart from the fun, the beauty of rope jumping is the amazing number of calories it burns. It can burn of 11 to 20 calories a minute, depending on the intensity of your workout. So, with just a half an hour jump rope workout, you can burn anywhere in the region of 350 – 600 calories!

This is ideal for anyone’s weight loss goals, and there is hardly any exercise in the world that is so efficient in this respect. Besides, the convenience of rope jumping is another huge plus point. All you need is a rope and a little bit of space.

Apart from all the calories it burns, jump rope, along with swimming, is the most productive cardiovascular exercise in the world as far as developing your muscular strength is concerned. It develops all your leg muscles, your core, your forearms and your shoulders.

So, with all the exercise your muscles have been put through, you will get a real metabolism boost for several hours after your workout is over. Furthermore, jump rope is one of those rare exercises which can only be done with the correct form and posture.