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OSHA Safety and Health Act (OSHA), passed to help men and women and provide safe work. Under the law, workers receive training and education about workplace hazards, prevention methods, and OSHA standards that apply to a particular workplace. All companies must comply with OSHA standards.

The National Institute for Safety and Health at Work (NIOSH), a federal agency that works on research and makes recommendations on the prevention of occupational diseases and accidents in the workplace. You can choose latest safety consulting services via to do the work safely.

OSHA and NIOSH usually work together to protect worker safety and health. The two organizations were formed by the same act of Congress, but these are different bodies with different responsibilities.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) health and safety standards help provide tools for governments, employers, and workers to establish practices that provide protection and ensure maximum safety in the workplace. 

The organization has adopted more than 40 standards for worker health and safety and more than 40 codes of conduct. Certain ILO instruments deal directly or indirectly with health and safety issues. Some of the ILO instruments are listed below:

All of the company's explosive or flammable industrial sites are operated under a license issued by the Federal Service for the Environment, Technology, and Nuclear Control.