Silver Metal Braces: What Are They, And Why Should You Get Them?

Silver braces have been all the rage lately. Whether you want them to correct your teeth or to look more attractive, this trendy new style is worth considering. To see the different types available and learn how they work, have a peek to find out more!

Silver metal braces are thin, silver wire connected to a plastic frame. They're used to correct alignment of teeth and provide stability for braces. While they're considered temporary, silver metal braces can last up to two years. You may need them if you have an overcrowded mouth or dental problems that aren't fixable with traditional braces.

If you're considering silver metal braces, be sure to speak with your dentist about your specific needs and expectations. And always keep in mind that they're only a short-term solution; your goal is to eventually have regular dental care that doesn't require braces.

Silver metal braces are often used in cases of mild to moderate orthodontic require. They are placed on the teeth and secured with a band. Silver metal braces improve the alignment of teeth by pulling on the teeth in a way that increases their spacing. They are typically worn for two years, but can be worn for up to four years.