Steps To Keep Possums Out Of Your Home

Opossums are like twins: they have two sides to their personalities. Possums are cute, gentle real animals, but we want to appreciate them from afar. If they get too close to you and make the roof of your house, they become noisy, destructive, and smelly creatures and all their good qualities seem to disappear in an instant! In the upcoming paragraphs, we’ve given you some of the basic steps to keep possums away from your home.

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Possum Removal Services in Sydney

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Hiring a pest specialist to inspect your home is the first piece of advice for keeping possums safe from your home. These opossum experts can identify entry points, seal them, and detect anything else that might attract opossums or other pests. With a professional inspecting your home, you can rest assured that the possum will not have access to your roof and will build a nest out of it.


A number of possum repellents are available. The strong aroma of these repellents dismisses opossums from your property. You can purchase it at your local hardware store and distribute it to risk areas. Opossums don’t like the smell of garlic either, so you can add crushed cloves too.

Motion sensor light:

Roof motion lights are a great way to keep possums away from your home. These bright lights will scare away the night possum and prevent it from checking your roof as your next home.