Things to Do When Hiring Tile Installer in Perth

Every tile installation is not a DIY job. Pros are best for difficult installations, complex patterns, and a tight timeline. It is difficult to conceal mistakes and may be impossible to fix. Hiring a professional tiling installer in Perth is a great idea, and often necessary for difficult installations. These are the top things to do when looking for a professional tile installer.

Find a person with experience

Although it may seem tempting to hire a handyman or a Jack of all trades, or even your best friend's uncle, it is important that you hire someone who has at least three years of experience in installing tile. They should also have a track record of successful installations of the type of tile (floor, wall, etc.). You will need to know what you require. You will save time, money, frustration, and stress by hiring a skilled professional with the right expertise for your project.

Talk to the professionals

Take advantage of the vast knowledge of contractors, architects, designers, salespeople, and other professionals when shopping for tiles. They are familiar with the work of qualified installers and can recommend people they trust. Talk to a commercial contractor. Commercial buildings are where the majority of tiles are used. Many commercial contractors are familiar with the best tile installers.

Fine a licensed Installer

Verify that the prospective installer is licensed and certified. For a professional-grade job, membership in the NTCA is a must. Check to see if your potential installer has been trained through the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation. The CTEF offers training and certification for tile installers.