Timber Decking: How To Plan And Prepare Your Garden Decking Project

Timber garden decking is becoming a popular choice for garden patios in Britain. Most of the kits for timber decking that are online are easy to construct and can easily be used by any DIYer.

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Timber Decking - What is the best timber to use for decking?

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Although the timbers used in these timber decking kits are of high quality, buyers need to remember that deck timbers, like all timbers, can expand and contract with the weather and seasons. The decking timber will appear slightly swollen from October through March. The same goes for timbers that shrink when the weather is hot and dry.

It is advisable that the timbers be allowed to adjust to local conditions for at least 7 days before deck construction. As much as possible, place the boards near the site of installation. However, it is important to keep them off the ground and cover them with a plastic sheet or roof to prevent rainwater.

Tanalith E and similar preservatives can be used on many timbers, but surfaces exposed to saws or other power tools should be treated liberally with quality decking preservers to protect their natural strength.

When working with timber materials, take safety precautions. Wear gloves when handling timber materials. This will reduce the chance of splintering, which can be painful and difficult to remove. It is highly recommended that DIYers wear a mask when cutting wood. This will prevent them from inhaling dust particles. When using corded power tools, use an RCD-type circuit breaker.

Although most decking kits don't require much sawing, there will likely be some timber offcuts collected during decking kit installation. The timber has been treated, which means that it should not be used for firewood or any other cooking purposes.