Tone Your Body With The Help Of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation is a safe, effective therapy in pain management. Not only can it quicken healing and reduce inflammation in most leg injuries, but also it can help to prevent health problems, and improve circulation through routine use.

Many people also try to use neuromuscular electrical stimulation for building muscle, burning fat, and toning the shape of your body. Also, serious athletes can use neuromuscular electric stimulation therapy to improve muscle activation before training sessions and even increase muscular strength and contraction rates without having to place external loading on the body.

Some benefits Of electrical stimulation include:

Muscle Endurance – This therapy improves muscle endurance and resistance to fatigue; assists in improving muscles’ ability to increase the rate of lactic acid removal.

Strength Endurance – It also improves muscles’ ability to resist intense and prolonged effort, improving muscle tone and definition; assists inability to sustain higher intensities of exercise for short periods of time.

Strength – This therapy improves muscle strength with a major focus on pushing, pressing, and pulling training.

Explosive Strength – It focuses on rapid muscle strength development and overcoming plateaus in your strength or speed training.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation, when correctly integrated into your workout routine, is designed to support you in your fitness journey at all stages and at any fitness level.