What Are The Ways To Stop Thumb Sucking?

Remember that most children wean themselves off this behavior on their own between the ages of 2 and 4. It is important to be careful and sensitive when breaking the thumb/finger sucking habit as children often use this as an emotional crutch.  You can also click this site to get the best tips on how to stop thumb sucking in children.

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In situations where emotions are already running high, punishment and scolding can only make things worse.

It may take some time to completely break the habit. But like several good things in life, you have to put on a strong face and keep working, gently but firmly. The first few days are usually the toughest, but with continued positive reinforcement, your hard work will pay off!

Here are some tips on how to help stop thumb/finger sucking:

Lots of encouragement – hug them or praise them to show they did something good by trying to quit! This will help strengthen their decision to quit the habit.

Reward their progress – give them special trips or toys if they don't suck in a certain amount of time. Gradually pull back the period from days to weeks, and then back to months. 

Gentle Reminder – Whenever you notice them sucking their thumb, kindly advise them to stop. Ask in a positive way and try to restrict nagging as children can get defensive.