Who and How Benefits from Organic Food Certifications?

Brisbane organic produce

If you shop for organic food in Australia, you will see a certification logo stating the product has been tested and approved. Do you know what that stamping means? Are there any benefits of the certified organic stamp on food? Well, there are many besides the advantage of healthy farming. Let's explore more.

Guarantee: To have that logo on their products, companies or farmers need to comply with organic farming's regulatory guidelines. The certifying company sends a team to audit the agriculture methods and testify if they are doing everything right. Thus, this logo's presence guarantees freshness, healthy farming, and no use of toxic chemicals.

Rigorous Standards: Key stakeholders of the agriculture industry work in groups to set and define standards for certification. After the definition of the standards, certification companies follow a transparent approach in audits and reviews. In addition, government departments also audit the processes to ensure the farming approach strictly adheres to the rigorous standards.

Audits at all Steps: While food goes through a long chain from the paddock to the diner's plate, certification requires audit at all the points. Everyone, including farmers, retailers, and wholesalers, has to comply with the standards to ensure the product stays good till it reaches the consumer.

Marketing Benefits: Today's consumers don't hesitate to spend more on better products, especially if it relates to food. Thus, getting certified for organic products gives companies (or farmers) an advantage over others.

In short, companies dealing with organic produce in Brisbane get advantages over others in terms of value and sales. On the other hand, consumers get to eat food free from pesticides and toxic chemicals.