Will A Personality Test Help You Find A Career?

The short answer is yes and no. Many people take personality tests like Myers-Briggs® to help them in their career searches. Here are some arguments for and opposing relying on the test: On the "yes" side, this is a famous phenomenon in the world of work. That means the type of particular personality gathered in a higher percentage in some careers than others. You can take a personality test through https://discoveryourpersonality.com/personality-tests.html.

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For example, there are personalities that are quite common among accountants. This is one reason we have jokes based on professional stereotypes. There are often many people who are similar in every profession, so jokes tend to reflect the majority.

The reason for the personality type interested in different work is due to the nature of the work. Conversely, people who violate the rules are emotional, focused on people and great ideas are likely to be an artist. If the personality test helps you understand anyone like you, it can help you choose a career that suits your style. It's much better than trying to change yourself.

On the "no" side, it's also true if you just survey people in any profession, you will find all kinds of personality. Of course, there are typical types of accountants, but there are many other people who don't match the profile. 

Even if your personality type is unusual for accountants, you might be a happy and successful accountant. There must be an accountant who violates, emotionally and irrationally in the world. Not as much as other types, but there must be some. 

Who can know if you want a job or not? It's hard to say without trying it. The second problem is that no test can tell you specifically the career which must be chosen. You might have a list of 100 careers enjoyed by your people.