Winning Tactics For a Home Water Purifier System

In a recent report from the National Cancer Institute to the Surgeon General it was stated that "No level of exposure to a chemical carcinogen should be considered toxicologically insignificant to humans."

There are some levels of contamination in all public water systems. Knowing this is a really good reason for you to own a home purifier water system. Most water utilities companies are quick to point out that the chemicals found in their water are "below EPA's maximum levels" and they usually are, but no one knows how many toxic chemicals may actually be in your tap water.

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More than 2100 toxic chemicals have already been detected in the U.S. water supply and we are just now starting to realize to what extent even the smallest trace of a toxic chemical may cause us damage.

Some of these toxic chemicals often exceed the MCL (Maximum Contaminate Level) or MCLGs (Maximum Contaminant Level Goal). These healthful thresholds are relevant only to one contaminant. If there are more present, then the health risks drop considerably.

There are also studies that suggest that there is a connection between chlorination by-products and an association with increased cancer risk. Cancer is a man-made disease and, I believe, somewhat preventable. Water is an important key factor in the prevention of degenerative disease as it is what our bodies use to flush out toxins.