Your Words – They’re Way More Powerful Than You Think

There's a saying that goes, "sticks and stone may fracture my bones however words won't harm me?" It's actually all that far from being the truth! The words you choose to use are very powerful. They can trigger strong emotions – positive and negative. When you make use of the wrong one it can cause disastrous.

Let's say that you label someone a fool in the middle of a heated debate. Even if you do apologize later it is impossible to take it back. You can't "unsay" it. Someone else could take your words and change them forever. You can find articles on "50 influential words " on various online websites.

50 powerful words

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If you think about the situation in this way, it's essential to adhere to a cliche"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. "If you're not able to express yourself in a way that's good, don't ever say anything whatsoever."

These snide remarks may take only a few seconds, but their impact may last for a lifetime. This is because everything you speak – and even your internal conversations with yourself – are being processed by your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious, unfortunately, is just like a small filing cabinet. It is a repository of all the information it goes through. Then, those unconscious "files" get into your mind. This is why you'll feel uneasy over yourself every single day and not just sitting in front of your mirror, or when you make an error.